Achieve the Outdoor Building of Your Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

At Grand Outdoor Designs, we will always endeavour to make your building project as seamless as possible.

From the initial inception of the project, right the way through to its completion, it is always our aim to work transparently, professionally and to the highest standards.

1) Consultation

As a quality bespoke builder, the consultation phase for both you and Grand Outdoor Designs is a vital one; it is at this point that we chat with you about your ultimate vision for your outdoor building. From its size and scale, to its design and purpose, we’ll work closely alongside you to help ascertain your exact requirements, and determine the right way forward.

2) Planning

Next, Grand Outdoor Designs will survey the area that we’ll be working with. If it looks like there will be any planning issues, we will liaise with your local council to obtain planning consent. Our trusted architects will be called upon to draw up plans for your made-to-measure building, and the rest of the project team will be assigned their respective jobs.

3) Construction

After the planning phase comes the bespoke building work. Using quality materials and the finest building methods, we’ll work to establish the shell of your outdoor building. Whilst the work for your office, sauna or gym is underway, a designated Project Manager will always be on-site to handle any issues that arise and to put your mind at ease.

4) Installation

Next comes the installation of the various features specifically chosen for your outdoor building. During the consultation and planning phase, whether you decided you wanted bi-fold doors or casement windows, spotlight lighting or satellite television, our impressive team will fit out the room, just as you’ve asked.

5) Clean-Up

After our work is done, we clean up and move out. Grand Outdoor Designs will always guarantee to treat your home with the care and respect it deserves. What’s more, our support doesn’t end once we’ve finished our work. Our door is always open to you should you ever have any queries about your newly built outdoor building.

For more information, to have a chat with the team, or to arrange a no obligation consultation, give Grand Outdoor Designs a call today on 0845 3 66 66 55

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