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Love your Wimbledon home but running out of space? Consider a stylish and impressive garden extension with Grand Outdoor Designs.
Moving can be inordinately stressful and an experience many are keen to avoid. Escape the hassle completely and simply extend your living space with a purpose-built outdoor building. All of our designs are commissioned precisely to our client’s specifications, giving you total assurance that you’ll be getting exactly what you’re expecting.

Space Dilemmas  

Whatever your requirements might be, we are the perfect company to solve your space dilemmas:

  • Commute becoming unmanageable? Yearning to start your own company? Or simply want a quiet and spacious place to file away those important documents? Consider your very own garden office. With your bespoke outdoor building, right on your doorstep, work may become truly enjoyable again!
  • Fitness centre trips becoming too time consuming and expensive? Solve that with your personalised garden gym and incorporate healthy living and fitness into your daily routine.
  • Need a shady spot to relax in during the height of summer? Let Grand Outdoor Designs create a beautiful outdoor pool house for you to retreat to with an iced beverage in tow, enabling you to seek relief from the sun’s midday rays.
  • Do you have a hobby which requires that little bit of extra peace and quiet or separation from the hustle and bustle of your house? Contemplate Grand Outdoor Designs installing a luxury outdoor studio. Painters, musicians, dancers and photographers have all enjoyed the added freedom which their garden studio has provided them.

A return on your investment

Consider Grand Outdoor Designs for all of your garden extensions if you value a dedicated team who delivers every time. With extensive experience in all pertinent areas of outdoor extensions, we can take care of all insulation, glazing, plumbing and planning permission issues. Watch your outdoor building vision become a reality and experience the luxury finish you deserve. See the tangible benefits of our extensions reflected in the value of your property, and continue to enjoy the flexibility our designs provide for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your extension requirements

Our design team can’t wait to hear from you! We stand ready, able and willing to assist you with your Wimbledon outdoor design vision, so give us a call on 0845 3 66 66 55 or complete the contact box for a no obligation consultation.

Where We're Located

Based in Tolworth near Kingston in Surrey, Grand Outdoor Designs is perfectly located to serve London and the Home Counties.

We're never far away if you'd like to call us in for a no obligation consultation.