For Beautifully Unique Outdoor Buildings, Choose Grand Outdoor Designs

At Grand Outdoor Designs, we’re proud to offer our customers a tailor-made building service.

Rather than working with off-the-shelf and mass-produced products, we believe our completely bespoke package provides our clients with a number of distinct advantages, making the construction process and finished project all the more seamless:


No one likes to feel ordinary. And with Grand Outdoor Design’s made-to-measure service, your home will look - and you will feel – quite unique. Let your gym, office or studio truly stand out from the crowd when your guests pay you a visit, demonstrating true imagination and attention to detail.


When you go bespoke, you’ll never have to settle for second rate. You can choose exactly what you like, and what fits best with your home and personality.


If the space that you’re working with isn’t standard, the convenience of a bespoke service really is notable. You will find that your ideas are much more achievable with a personalised service.


While many may assume that mass-produced building products are the more economical option when compared with a custom-made service, they don’t take into account the fees that can be incurred from having to have standard products modified for awkward spaces, and many customers can be left with unexpected bills because of this. So in addition to the other benefits of a bespoke service, choosing a tailor-made company could ultimately save you money.


Customers who have off-the-shelf products installed can sometimes feel alienated from the process. As the professionals get on with doing what they do best, the client may well feel like they’ve lost touch with what’s going on in their own home. When you choose a bespoke builder like Grand Outdoor Designs, however, thorough client consultation as well as extensive participation in the design scheme means that you’ll be much more in control of your own project and the finished result.


When extending your property with an outdoor building, issues of property uniformity can arise. You may be concerned that this new building addition just won’t tie in with your traditional, or contemporary, home. But when choosing a builder like Grand Outdoor Designs, you needn’t worry. We’ll be able to make sure that the construction of the building lends itself perfectly to your property, giving the overall effect one of complete harmony.

The types of room we build!

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Based in Surrey, Grand Outdoor Designs is perfectly located to serve London and the Home Counties. We’re never far away if you’d like to call us in for a no obligation consultation.